Corporates need to gift sustainably...heard this a lot offlate?

Corporates need to gift sustainably...heard this a lot offlate?

What does gifting sustainably really mean???

Sustainable gifting not only helps you send the message that you care about the environment, but also enables your clients and staff to imbibe a zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Before ordering another plastic pen & diary set with your logo printed on it or curating a gift hamper which contains multiple single use plastic items or packaging, STOP & THINK, how can we make people change mindsets, think green and create more impact.

Who should consider sustainable corporate gifting?

Any business that wants to showcase its brand’s association with sustainable choices, should consider eco-friendly gifting. It helps build your image as an environment ambassador and does positively affect customer loyalty as well as employee retention.

What kind of sustainable gifts are valued the most?

Attributes such as handmade, organic, reusable, plantable, artisanal and sustainable make client and staff gifts more memorable. And such gifts are appreciated across the hierarchy of a client or employee, including C-Level executives. So don’t shy on the audience of the gifts 😊

What are the considerations to make a gift sustainable?

While there is no set checklist, here are a few points to consider:

  • Items made from natural and\or organic materials
  • Items made from eco-friendly, upcycled or recycled materials
  • Items that don’t promote single-use plastics and are reusable
  • Items that are interactive and give back to earth (like planting the seeds of the item post use)

Does personalization really matter on each gifting item?

For long, it’s been common practice to add company logo to a gift that is given. But need not be the case now and specially not on each item. Sustainable gifts in itself send the message what your company values and that is cherished and remembered far longer by the receiver.

Of course, if it’s a promotional gift, once can consider having the logo\message on the sustainable outer packing (be it a cloth bag, jute bag, eco boxes etc…), but not on each item within. Not only do personalization add to costs, but remember, these are eco-friendly gifts, which give back to earth and its best to keep them as natural as possible.

What do Corporates usually gift?

Corporate gifting has usually included gift cards, clothing, food, mugs, bottles, writing material, diaries, calendars and other office accessories.


Popular Sustainable Gift ideas

And the wrapping preferred is simply in a cloth bag, jute bag, aesthetically appealing paper wrap…all tied up with a ribbon to make it look more beautiful.

Gifting Responsibly made easy

If you are still not sure on what items to include as gifts, we are happy to discuss your needs and curate memorable eco-friendly gifts that resonate with your brand. Reach out to us at and check out our eco-friendly products at . Follow us on Instagram and Linked in at



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