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FASHION X Workshop - Revamp Old & Reuse Fabric Waste

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Objective of the workshop:


During this 1 hr workshop, you'll learn how to revamp clothes with tie & dye technique using natural dye colors or reuse fabric waste to make hair accessories, tote bags (for males and females), jewelry, etc. All you need to bring with you is a piece of clothing to revamp or fabric waste, as per the workshop being conducted.

Yes4us 4-step approach:


  • The Fashion Industry is the 2nd largest polluter across the globe. Every year, millions of unused clothes are produced as "fast fashion" & then dumped into landfills, causing various pollution
  • 80 billion garments are produced each year
  • 400% more clothes are produced now than 20 years ago
  • 7 times in average, a garment is worn before being thrown away
  • 35 kgs of textile waste is generated per year in average
  • Only 20% - 30% of the clothes are being worn


Make your own custom design, by reusing clothes or fabric waste you have at home.


  • Avoid sending more clothes to landfills Reduce waste
  • Learn a new skill - tie & dye
  • Support a circular economy
  • Save money by reusing and making new


  • Get a new style added to your fashion statement
  • Earn eco-points for attending this workshop – 1 point for every AED spent


1 hr for the workshop (can increase with larger groups)

Minimum group size of 5 participants. We offer time flexibility based on participant and trainer convenience. Each workshop will cover one topic and multiple workshops can be taken for variety of topics to be done.

Locations: Your home, your birthday venue, your office, online or the Greens. Transportation cost on actual for distances more than 10 kms from the Greens. For customized group bookings, contact us at




Ecobee's commitment for the planet and youth:

1% of our sales will be donated across select Eco Clubs in UAE Schools. On top of that, we will plant a tree with our Partner Tree Nation for each order over 150 AED. Let's paint the world green with your eco shopping