About Us


Ecobee is a homegrown brand dedicated to fostering sustainable living, through its groundbreaking eco-friendly products, catering to both individual consumers and corporate clients. Since its establishment in June 2022, Ecobee has been committed to overcoming barriers to sustainability, offering accessible, affordable and high-quality solutions for everyday environmental challenges.

With a mission to make quality and innovative zero waste products easily available to all, Ecobee aims to be more than just a vendor; it aspires to be a partner in the sustainability journeys of individuals and organizations alike. As the UAE celebrates 2024 as the Year of Sustainability, Ecobee takes pride in contributing to the nation's green initiatives as a locally grown brand.

What's with the Name - Well! Eco is pretty clear, but why bee, you may ask???

You see, bee’s characteristic is synonymous with what we aim to do. They are an inspirational and important species in environmental ecosystems, for both humans and animals. Their environmental benefits are numerous. They serve important roles as pollinators and as creators of honey, many medicines, habitats for other species and as food for larger species.

Further, there are so many varieties of bees living on this planet, yet within their group, they work collectively. They are protective of the young and of their world. JUST LIKE BEES, we humans are different in our cultures, characteristics and nature, but we need to come together for a common goal – LEAVE A GREENER AND CLEANER WORLD FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

We invite you to be our BEE, a little mindful and protective of the environment, by just wearing the "THINK GREEN" attitude and imbibing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

A bit about the Founder of Ecobee:

Richa Bansal, the passionate Founder of Ecobee and Impactpreneur, brings over 20 years of consulting and research expertise to her mission: making sustainability accessible. Since 2022, she's led Ecobee to offer eco-friendly solutions, inspiring individuals and businesses to reduce waste. 

Richa's approach isn't just about products; it's about partnerships. She collaborates with organizations, sharing her knowledge to help them embrace sustainability. Beyond her business, Richa actively engages in community initiatives, advocating for a greener world.

Her impact is clear: Ecobee isn't just a brand; it's a movement. Through Richa's leadership, it's reshaping how we think about sustainability, making it practical, achievable, and impactful. She's not just leading Ecobee; she's leading change, showing us all the power of a simple idea: a cleaner, greener future for everyone.

Join Ecobee in embracing a greener future and making every day a step towards sustainability. Think Green! Think Ecobee!