About Us

Yes4us (Youth Environment Sustainability for Us) started with the mission of training young minds at an early age, becoming responsible environment ambassadors and changing mentalities for life.

With our unique approach to Awareness, Solution, Impact, Reward and fun yet practical eco-friendly workshops, we not only walked in thousands of tender hearts, but also made a link with people involved in their ecosystem.

We realized that the ecological lifetime habits that we aim to achieve in children, cannot come if people in their ecosystem do not follow the same behaviors. Therefore, we began to organize workshops with adults. We've trained individuals and businesses on how they can, through simple changes and solutions, have an ecological impact.

Once the workshops were a hit, we launched our e-commerce portal for eco-friendly products in January 2022, with an aim to make eco buying of daily needs and gifting, affordable and accessible. The response has been great not only by consumers, but by businesses (large and small) and this led us to think - what more can we do to solve bigger environmental problems? What can we do to make the earth greener?

We spent the last few months on research and development, to bring in unique products that will really solve the big environment problems and make people think green, at a personal and professional level. We saw some common challenges, as below and are confident our product focus and passion to think green, will help you contribute to a greener earth too:

  • How can we end our reliance on plastic items for daily use and reduce landfill waste?
    • Our solution is compact and customizable BAMBOO DENTAL KITS for daily needs, apart from other INNOVATIVE BAMBOO PRODUCTS for gifting.
  • How can we reduce tons of bubble wrap, masking tape and other non-ecological packaging used daily by businesses (trade, logistics, large and small retailers, furniture manufacturers, pharmacies, cosmetics, etc.)?
    • We are proud to bring an Eco paper, with a special cushion technology to replace bubble wrap, thermocol, tape and the likes. It, is 100% recyclable and can also be used for gift wraps and box fillers.
  • How can we reduce single-use plastic bags used for groceries, general shopping, gifts and celebrations?
    • We bring to you a collection of eco bags – cotton, jute, juco, canvas, paper, in stunning designs that can be re-used for long.

With this groundwork done and our products tested in the market, we are very excited to reveal our new brand identity, Ecobee. Well! Eco is pretty clear, but why bee, you may ask???

You see, bee’s characteristic is synonymous with what we aim to do. They are an inspirational and important species in environmental ecosystems, for both humans and animals. The environmental benefits of the bee are numerous, apart from just preventing soil erosion. They serve important roles as pollinators and as creators of honey, many medicines, habitats for other species and as food for larger species.

Further, there are so many varieties of bees living on this planet, yet within their group, they work collectively and are hardworking. They are protective of the young and of their world. JUST LIKE BEES, we humans are different in our cultures, characteristics and nature, but we need to come together for a common goal – LEAVE A GREENER AND CLEANER WORLD FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS.

So, Ecobee hopes to be your sustainable journey partner, with our focus on unique ecological products and engaging workshops. 

We invite you to be our BEE, a little mindful and protective of the environment, by just wearing the "THINK GREEN" attitude and imbibing an eco-friendly lifestyle.