Two birds with one stone: Linking fun and sustainability as you participate in Expo 2020

Two birds with one stone: Linking fun and sustainability as you participate in Expo 2020

Expo 2020 aims to deliver the most sustainable World Expo ever. It may seem like an ambitious goal, but sustainability is ingrained in everything they have been doing - from buildings and construction to establishing a lasting legacy long after the Expo is over. So it is only fair, we as visitors to the event, do our bit and honour this commitment.

Here are a few simple (but not exhaustive) ways, you can reduce your carbon footprint as a family when you visit Expo 2020:

Let's start by getting there

The Expo is located in the Dubai South district and can be reached by car, train, bus, or taxi. We recommend using public transport as an easy and environmentally friendly way to get to the Expo. The site has its Metro station. In addition, residents and visitors can opt for the Expo Rider, a dedicated public bus service free of charge for Expo 2020 visitors.

Carry your water bottle 

One of Expo's Official Partners has placed seven innovatively designed Water Stations on the site. These automated water dispensers give people unlimited water refills when they use their water bottles, so carry yours! If you forget, reusable stainless -steel bottles are available for sale. So give plastic pollution a ditch as you quench that thirst.

Use the Expo 2020 Bags or Carry your Own

Though almost no pavilions or outlets give single-use plastic, we recommend carrying your bags for souvenirs and gifts. The shopping bags you get from Expo 2020 shops are natural and made of biodegradable materials. It means that these bags will return to the earth when disposed of instead of plastic bags, which can take hundreds of years to decompose! Create impact today and head to our selection of cloth bags or enroll your child in our Alternatives to Plastic and Cloth Bag Workshop.

Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion

There is a lot in the name. The Sustainability Pavilion, which has LEED's highest sustainability certification, is a must-visit. It features more than 1,055 solar panels that generate electricity. In addition, they organise fun and interactive sessions for the younger generation to understand their impact on the environment, break the cycle of consumerism, and empower them to impact the planet positively.

Educate your family on sustainability at these pavilions

 The Austria pavilion features a start-up that collects food waste and repurposes it into gourmet food and other edibles. Visitors to the Bulgaria Pavilion can sample coffee from edible cups. Singapore's pavilion is one of the greenest at Expo 2020, featuring hanging gardens, exotic flowers and lush rainforest plants. India's massive 4-floor pavilion captivates with its 600+ screen rotating façade. The pavilion showcases a brilliant mix of Ayurveda, Yoga, Space programmes, and its fast-growing economy featuring important segments like renewable energy and sustainable agriculture. All these are great opportunities to get introduced to different sustainability concepts.

Pay it forward

Expo 2020 offers you a chance to sign up for "Forest of the Future", where you can plant a tree in certain places in the world. We at Ecobee also offer you a chance to do this while you are eco-shopping from our eShop! Every time you order for 150 AED or more, Ecobee with our partner, Tree-Nation, will plant one tree on your behalf. At your request, we will share details about your tree. So let's paint the world green with trees named after you! 

Final green thoughts

Exposing our kids to these topics at an early age helps develop a firm ecological mindset. This exposure is essential for the future of our planet. So gift your child a YES club membership for a year full of fun activities that teach them about sustainable living in a fun and impactful way. 

Mindful of the busy school schedule of our young eco-stewards, the program allows them to maintain their own pace. Designed to teach a 'serve & deserve 'ideology, the young members earn reward points for sustainable activities redeemable from our catalogue of eco-friendly goodies. Email us at for more details. WhatsApp us on +971 55 310 6638 to get our catalogue of eco-friendly merchandise for self-use and gifting, and help Ecobee enable a sustainable mindset.

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